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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Slice Of Life Meme

So Cricket has started a meme of her own...and I am loving the idea. Each week there are three options to use as writing prompts! We all know how much I love to talkwrite so here I go! Oh...and before I start rambling there is more to this meme than meets the be sure to go check it out for yourself!

Slice of Life choices for the week of April 6, 2008 are:

1. Meeting your best friend.

2. Illness of your child.

3. Family reunion.

I have chosen to share with you how I met my best friend. This is an excerpt from an entry that I made on my live-journal a few years back. Since this is a family-friendly blog if you wanna read the rest of the story you will have to email me for the link:). You just have to promise that you will still respect me in the

Picture a young, beautiful woman just 23 years of age. Having left a bad marriage and moving out of state she finds herself managing the breakfast shift of a fast food restaurant.

Being accustomed to working long hours, she was not surprised when her boss approached her with a proposition. “Our supervisor has mandated that we now have a hostess during lunch hours to refill drinks and assist the customers in any way. He wants to make things a little cozier. Since you are my prettiest girl, I’d like that hostess to be you.” Flattery got him every where and she eagerly took on the new responsibility.

Every morning when she opened the restaurant for breakfast, she was sure to have a fresh urn full of sweetened tea ready for the fellows who demanded it daily. Secretly, she was thrilled to hear things like, “Wow! What are they doing differently? This is delicious!”

Two of the fellows came in every week day for both breakfast and lunch without fail. One was flirty; the other shy with an endearing smile. They loved it when she offered them refills and suggested she use the line, “Coffee, tea, or me?” She declined. Of course, the lemon wedge earrings she wore begged for more comments. She politely informed them that her boyfriend would not approve.

One afternoon, Mr. Flirty Pants asked our young heroine to meet up with him after work and she agreed. However, she regretted her decision within moments. Not having a way to contact him to cancel, she simply did not show up at the designated time and place. Mr. Flirty Pants soon became Mr. Sour Puss and stopped flirting with her.

In due time, her boyfriend opted to move onto greener pastures. One day after work, as she was preparing to walk home, she noticed our above mentioned fellows. Seems they had come in unexpectedly for their afternoon break. Immediately upon seeing her sullen face, they inquired as to the cause. Bravely, she sat down next to Mr. Shy But Smiley and explained. Both of them offered the sweetest condolences and then a surprising thing happened. Mr. Shy But Smiley wondered aloud how a man could let her go. She blushed and lowered her eyes.

Having been once bitten and now twice shy, she immediately put the thought out of her mind deciding he was just being polite. She did, however, walk home on cloud nine.

A few days later, she was surveying the dining room when she noticed that Mr. Shy But Smiling was staring at her. Now, why in the hell did he do that? She stared back…for what seemed like hours. Is it really possible to drown in someone’s eyes? After that day Mr. Shy But Smiley began flirting ferociously and even admitted to having a name. Jeffrey.

Well, Jeffrey and his cohort continued dining at the restaurant regularly and our heroine began to write him off as a harmless flirt. That is until THAT Saturday. Having never seen him in street clothes and only his work uniform, she was pleasantly surprised to see him standing in front of her. That man showed up wearing a white muscle shirt, cargo shorts, sandals, and the most dazzling smile she had ever seen. Now, why in the hell did he do that? She was mesmerized. A black Adonis stood before her. Whew~. How she ever got his food order straight is beyond me. As he collected his order and headed to his car, she found herself straining to not lose sight of him. When his car left the parking lot, she was saddened.

One of her cashiers who had noticed the exchange between the two of them many times before, smiled at her with a knowing smile. Whispering into the cashiers' ear our heroine then made a shocking confession. The cashier giggled; never had her boss acted in such a brazen manner. Little did she know her boss was just as surprised as she was.

The flirting continued, but now her heart began skipping beats at the very thought of him. Everyone in the place knew they were doing the “sweetheart dance”, you know, everyone loves a lover.

Christmas time approached and Jeffrey had made no move towards pursuing our heroine outside of the workplace and she was getting, shall we say, antsy. Thoughts of him invaded her mind constantly and she secretly hoped he suffered the same. Gathering all of her courage and wearing her best fitting jeans, she “accidentally” ran into him at lunch time on her day off. As he stood to leave, she invited him to the Christmas party she was having. Unknown to him, she had definite plans for him under the mistletoe!

He asked her to stop by his work later so they could talk about it. She did.


Betty said...

OMG, I want to hear the rest of the story. I promise I will still respect you, tee hee.

Loved the story. You are a writer. You should write a novel.

Cricket said...

What a tease you are (promise you will respect me in the morning - if that doesn't get someones's attention, nothing will)! Yes, I too absolutely have to hear the rest of the story, so much so I am going to save this in the Pie Safe as Part I. Please send me the link for the rest unless you plan to publish it here. Inquiring minds have to know!

Sherry/Cherie said...

And then what happened?!?! ;)

Greatfullivin said...

.........and now the rest of the story. ugh! You started out so well had me interested and then... nothing You are such a tease! I am feeling cheated...rotfl!