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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reflections Tag

Cricket’s Hearth has initiated a tag called Reflections. The goal is to look back on your life and list 5 negative things you never anticipated happening, followed by 5 positive things you never anticipated happening in your life. Take your time and truly reflect on the top five in each category. When finished, complete this statement: Considering the negatives and the positives in my life, _____________.

Reflections of Scrappynhappy in Ohio

Five Negative Things I Never Anticipated Happening in My Life

1. Getting raped.

2. Getting married and divorced 3 times.

3. Having 6 strokes in 7 days.

4. Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis...

5. ...and Fibromyalgia.

Five Positive Things I Never Anticipated Happening in My Life:

1. Jesus Christ becoming 'personal' to me.

2. My children becoming my 4 favorite people:).

3. That I would be the kind of Mom that I am. No money, but lots and lots of love, acceptance, wisdom, guidance, and assistance any ole time they need it!

4. That I would write about my pains, joys, etc., and people would respond.

5. Falling in love with my computer:).

My 5 blogging friends I challenge for Reflection are:

Considering the negatives and the positives in my life, I am even more convinced that "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose."

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Cricket's Hearth said...

Good job Phyl. The whole point of this tag is to have people look at the worst things in their life first, then look at the most positive things, because if they can still see the positives after examining the negatives, then the negatives can not keep a hold on their lives. The positives will win! Blessings, Cricket

Cute Girl aka Allie said...

lol i'm number one on fav people and that's final!!!

and isn't it so weird how even with the negatives in our lives when we focus we can find so much to be thankful for and view as positive. if only more people could remember this...