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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dewey Color System Personal Evaluation

This was wonderful! Here are some of the highlights of my eval.:

1. You're very sentimental. The older you become, the more you will have a tendency to talk about the past. If you have children and grandchildren, they'll get lots of affection from you. You're the first to show photos. You receive pleasure from placing photos of those you love all around the house. You think about those you care about all the time.

2. You honor individuality. You believe in walking your own path and speaking your own mind without apologies. You're looking for unconditional love, and hope to create an environment where everyone can express himself or herself without fear of embarrassment. You make others belong. You value the individual's right to a sense of dignity. You are very realistic and have an innate sense of fairness. You use facts to pull things together. Others think of you as being very sensitive to them.

3. You energize people by improving their lives.
Your dedication to others keeps you moving forward, especially when you're defending the underdog. When you fight for their causes, you are also working for your right to be appreciated. After all, every person has the right to be respected for what they do.

4. Your concerns have healing power. You give of yourself, expecting nothing back other than honest appreciation. Express yourself by helping others with physical assistance or emotional reassurance. In doing this, you'll strengthen your own spirit.

5. When you are upset, you seem to disappear. Are you questioning whether those you care about also care about you?

6. You are at your best when shaking things up and getting things to work right. When others recognize that you have clear motives and expectations, they respect you or those you are protecting.

7. Recognize that learning something is reason enough to feel good about yourself.

8. By acting logically, not emotionally, you help others realize the truth. This is your talent. You make change less painful.

9. Your hang ups occur when someone is critical of something you have done or should have done. You get defensive.

10. You Seek to be Nurtured:
When you're upset, you become frustrated and emotionally spent. Only when you hit rock bottom do you realize what you need and tell others exactly what you want. It is as if you expect people to intuitively understand your needs. Like a child, you are hoping someone will care enough to notice. When you were growing up, did you believe you had to take on the responsibilities of an adult? Did you have to give support to your brothers or sisters or be there for one of your parents? Now, when you ask for help do you feel it signifies that you are weak and powerless?

11. Your fears are based on physical realities. Death, decay, aging, and loss of faculties and happiness are your concerns.

12. You wish to indulge your passions and live to the fullest. You often have an exaggerated look of concentration in your eyes. Your strong awareness of others' needs creates energy. It turns you on and allows you to get what or whom you want. This is your power. You don't take things personally and refrain from judgment. You realize that each person is out for himself or herself. That's just the way of life.

13. You know exactly who you are and what you want. You believe that you do not exist until you express yourself. When you're having fun, you act like a fourteen-year-old. You make lots of noise and talk about what others are doing. This is especially true with friends who also like red. You tell stories about your experiences.

14. It's OK if some men see you as difficult. Just make sure that the man you commit to accepts you for who you are. Otherwise, his ego can hinder you from expressing yourself, or you may run him off with your bossiness.

15. Everyone likes you. You're charismatic, lovable, affectionate, and big on hugs.

16. You seek to be nurtured by providing for others. You need to believe that your concern for them will make them loyal to you. You will even sacrifice your own happiness. When you feel good, you remember to take care of yourself. When you are down, you have a tendency to avoid your supportive personal routine completely.

17. When your spirit soars, you attract others like a magnet.

18. Your fear of abandonment can stop you from starting over, even when situations are harmful to you.

19. You need an environment where you can be respected for your true self. You are happiest when you have a few good friends and a partner who idolizes you.

20. Your dedication to your work and those you love is boundless. There is nothing you will not do to make things work better. When you feel that those around you are not supporting you, however, you become very defensive.

21. Your practical approach allows you to evaluate things and the people around you. You perform best when you are acting in the best interest of others. Your thinking is consistent and very factual. You help others around you recognize the facts and let them know when they are not being practical. Your opinions and observations correct their focus. You are motivated by the opportunity to direct others.

22. You have the ability to eliminate what is not important to you without expending much energy.

23. It especially turns you on to be needed. Chaos is no problem; you enjoy searching for solutions and doing a difficult task well.

24. By making aggressive suggestions on how to improve the lives of others, you exhibit your greatest attribute: true warmth in personal relationships. You appreciate each person for who they are.

25. Compassion is more appropriate than anger. People have their own problems and baggage to handle.

26. Your need to be respected encourages others to respect themselves.

27. Your great gift to humanity is the ability to discern what is not working. Express your much-needed practical advice using a less bold, more supportive voice tone. Your heartfelt concern will be heard. You will get the hugs your devotion deserves.

28. You communicate love and concern by being honest, even when it's not popular.

29. When you are centering yourself you perceive who you are and what you need. You have the power to know your personal truth: what feels spiritually good. Through intense consideration you see what should be let go and what needs to be added to make your life more about you.

30. Your inner debate is to decipher workable plans that save money and time by using available resources.

31. Your emotional debate is to admit what is missing in your life and what makes you feel alive. You need to trust in your own ability. Free your mind. You will see exactly what you need.

1 comment:

alana said...

okay not gonna lie i skipped part of it but it's only b/c i completely agree with this: "You make change less painful." and wanted u to know