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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weird mood...imagine that~

Having spent the night tossing, turning, and drowning in hot flashes I find I am in a weird mood today. These hormones are making me absolutely crazy. The NASCAR Race in my mind has slowed down some and for that I am grateful. I hate it when my mind races uncontrollably. flashes? Are you kidding me? I haven't had the sheer pleasure(note sarcasm) of these suckers in quite some time and I am not having pleasure now. Top them off with nausea and you can see that it is quite the struggle to be in a chipper mood.

I am slowly but steadily making progress in the wreck that is my sewing/dining room. It looks like a disaster of epic proportions happened in there. Whew~ I am also doing some rearranging as my current system is obviously not working for me. I got some kewl things to reconstruct and instead of leaving them lying around, I have turned my downstairs closet into the Recon Closet. While all of the recon stuff is now nicely hanging in it's new home, I gotta move stuff to another spot. It never

I got an awesome enbroidered jean jacket that will make a darling purse, a huge man's button down shirt that will make a cute puffy-sleeved top for me, a pair of awesome black linen pants that are embroidered with cute flowers...not sure about them as I may just wear them before reconning them. There is a gorgeous green reversible jacket that is quilted and is fated to become the cutest & easiest tote bag of all times plus the mumu that will be a cute peasant top with the addition of some elastic and the removal of feet of fabric from the bottom. I may make a skirt from the bottom.

I also got me an adorable vintage skirt and a pair of vintage capris that I will definately be sporting this summer:). I love the bold fabrics and the zippers on the old stuff. I am trying to break out of the 'fashion'(or lack of fashion) rut I am in. Due to my size, I tend to dress rather plainly and well, it is so

I went shopping and found a pattern for a house/sun dress and one of the options is for a halter top on it. I am making that out of some pale blue fabric that is covered with white polka dots. I figure if I don't get the gumption to wear it out of the house, it will work for running around inside. I do love polka dots...and my Beloved will love it:). I also got more orange fabric...for some reason this year I am crazy about orange. I made a housedress out of some 'Finding Nemo' fabric and managed to cut the front too short...ugh~ So...I made an orange ruffle and put it on the bottom front and it is toooo cute. I swear I am gonna make a pair of orange jammie bottoms and put a ruffle at the bottom of them. Please note that any attempt on my part to go out in public in that get-up will be thwarted by my occasionally anally retentive children. I can just see me sneaking out...and giggling the whole time!

My Navy Man flew to Chicago yesterday to meet his fiance'. They are driving her car back to New Orleans and she will be staying in the hotel on base for 2 or 3 weeks! I will be surprised if she goes home before August 16th. They moved the wedding date up till then. This way she gets a happy medium between the wedding of every little girls dream and a quick to-do at the courthouse. I am thrilled they are getting married close to my house so I can be there~ And, yes, I will be making a dress for the wedding:). I am thinking something fun & flirty in a turquoise with white polka dots all over it...and turquoise shoes...cute ones!

I am hoping to squeeze in at least a one-week vacation to New Orleans between Heather's going home and my Beloved's visit here. I wanna go hang out with my Navy Man and will be sewing while he is at work. I am quite certain there are fabric shops in New Orleans:). When I told my Beloved about my plans, he began suggesting that I just go walking around base and informed me that surely I would meet new people. He stopped in mid-sentence. "Why am I telling you this? Stay in your room!" Gotta love a little jealousy. From a man whom I absolutely adore no less:).

I am also hoping that my Beloved is still here when the wedding rolls around. He has already promised to dance with me!



Joyce said...

Hi, Phyl,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, too, and wishing me well. After reading your post, I hope YOU feel better soon, too.

The things you plan to sew sound beautiful. If you want any votes of confidence, I'm all for you wearing what YOU are comfortable wearing, not what your children think you should wear! Have fun!

Betty said...

You amaze me at what you can do with a piece of fabric and a sewing machine. You are so talented and creative. When you go to New Orleans, please try their pralines. They are soooo good.

mamichelle said...

I'm sorry you are going through that with the hormones. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I've had some recurring hf's myself. Gotta love it.

You love fabric like I love paper! LOL Your projects sound so cool. I hope you post photos!

p.s. I flunked Sewing 101~!

Chuck said...

You are so sweet and endearing, Phyl. And who cares about night sweats when you can sew! heheh Good go'n girlie. *smackeroos* and thx for always saying such funny and nice things on my site. you rock girlie, girl.