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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My 300th Post~~Graphic Give-A-Way:).

First things first! This is officially my 300th Post! I am sure there are those of you who are glad we are acquainted only in Blogland, cause if I post this much how much must I talk? You are NOT allowed to discuss that quandry with my dear

As has been my norm when reaching the 'hundredths' posts, I am having a Give-A-Way. This time, though, it is a little different since everyone is a winner! My dear darling daughter, who spoils me richly, has made alphas as a way of "Paying-It-Forward" in Blogland. An alpha is a graphic alphabet and lots of us bloggers use them for keeping us on track and providing a theme for our Thursday Thirteen meme posts.

The alphas are located here. There are: a cat doing what cats do best and even the letters are made of cat poses, a nuzzling penquin pair, a celestial one featuring the woman in the moon, and even a cute little girly in a polka-dotted dress! Feel free to use them any and every link back required unless you wanna let others know where to find them:). Feel free to link to the photobucket page.

In other good news, this blog has been reviewed (glowingly, I might add) by a dear lady on one of her many blogs. Read all about it here!

Sandy's other blogs:

1. Livin’ Life SandyStyle-Her Main Blog
There are photos, challenges, memes, fun, how-tos, freebies, and more!

2. Recipes
Recipes, Deals, Giveaways, Cookbooks, Reviews...OMG~ Check out the Make Ahead Mashed Potato Casserole!

3. Celebrating Life One Day A Time~
I LOVE this blog~ We can always use an excuse to celebrate!

4. Sandy's Stories Find stories of today and days gone by... of another time... a happy life... using prompts, photos, and memories.

5. Making Money SandyStyl
Her journey to making money online.

Happy Blogging~

Oh...and while we are at it...get yourself some 300th Post linky love and a return visit from me by filling in the Mr. Linky!



Phyl said...

Alana...thanks for spoiling me so graphically...sorry...couldn't resist the chance to use the pun. Hugs!

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Congratulations on your 300th post, the way I am going at the moment I won't reach 100.
So very well you.

Candace said...

Congratulations on 300, and thanks for all you share.

Amanda said...

Congratulations on reaching 300 (and you don't look a day over 21!!). That's a good target for any of us to aim for.

Betty said...

Phyl, congratulations on your 300th post. How did you know when you had gotten there?

storyteller said...

Congratulations on your 300th post!!! I love the quilt graphic at the top of your post. It’s so YOU! One of these days I’m going to know how to make such things for myself. The 4 sets of alphabet graphics are wonderful and almost make me want to do a T-13 about myself using a letter from time to time. Thanks for making them available to us. Hope you’re feeling better ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Storm said...

I thought I already responded to this post. Apparently, not. Ugh. Anyway, here I am...

Congrats on the 300th post. Thanks for the awesome alphabets. I love the penguins.