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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Clothing Reconstruction

I am the kinda person who hates to waste anything. Sometime ago I picked up an outfit(top and skirt) at the thrift store cos it had these gorgeous big plastic buttons on it and buttons printed in the fabric. I love buttons:)! Although I do admit that when I bought it I mostly wanted those plastic buttons, I simply could not toss the outfit in the trash. I was gonna use the fabric to make purse linings. Instead, I decided to make me a house dress. Last night once I started playing around with it, the house dress has morphed into a darling sun dress and shrug! It is so much fun to just play and see what comes out. I cut the top down, trimmed off the neckline, and am working on the sleeves. I am using a darling little seashell stitch to edge everything so there is NO hemming involved. The skirt and bottom of the top are becoming the sun dress which will fall below my knees. And for shoes to complete the ensemble? Why black flip-flops with the other two red buttons sewn onto them, of course!



Nicole said...

What a wonderful talent you have! I was always hoping to live close enough to my mother-in-law to learn to sew from her, but, alas, it was not to be. I absolutely admire your ability! Sometimes I just wish I could make my own clothes because a)I don't see what I'm looking for (what I see in my mind's eye), b)what I like syle-wise isn't in a fabric/pattern that I like.

Sweet summer dress! =)

Storm said...

Nice... and, oh so talented. I wish I knew how to sew. :)

Jay said...

only you could do flip flop and red buttons

SaoirseDaily2 said...

That is a wonderful jacket. I just got a book on making button jewelry. Again we are on the same groove. It was nice speaking with for real. Have a fun filled Wednesday.

Simply Heart And Home said...

Hi. I found your blog through Betty's blog. Nice to meet you.

I am not much of a seamstress but I do admire those that can sew. Your sundress sounds lovely! What a wonderful idea to remake the button outfit.

Have a lovely day!


Phyl said...

Nicole, Storm, SAO, abd Heart & home... Wow it is funny...I dont think of it as an abilityor talent....tend to think of me as stubborn and loving Now...I have to get the courage to actually wear the outfit. I am almost done, but I tend to toss on jeans and tops or capris...not so sure about a sundress....ugh. I miss my tiny figure from when I was 23...before babies.

I need to figure out new styles as opposed to being a total blue-jean baby...and ouch~ It is hard. wonderful to talk to you! I wanna see some button jewelry, too:)...

JAY....would you expect any less from

Many hugs...Phyl

mamichelle said...

Wow, I love that jacket!!! It's adorable.

peggy said...

LOVE the jacket....would love to see a picture of you in the finished outfit!!!

I think I like the fabric so much because I love buttons and lots of buttons remind me of polka dots...and anyone that knows me knows my love of dots...

Peggy in NJ