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Saturday, April 12, 2008

You are the wind beneath my wings.

My choices for the initial recipients of theWind Beneath My Wings Award are, in generational order, Betty, Mo, and Alana. It is my hope that each of you will take this award and let it serve as a reminder of my gratitude for your being a vital part of the collective wind beneath my wings.

I have come to know Betty through blogging and she is such a wonderful and endearing woman. Betty is one of the sweetest people I have ever met; she is truly a southern belle. Her gentle disposition and gushing appreciation for even the smallest thing inspire me daily. We spend lots of time on each other's blog, e-mailing back and forth, and we have even spoken on the phone. We have plans to meet in person sometime this coming Autumn! My own Mother left this planet in February of 1998 and I miss having a mom. One day, Betty & I were emailing back and forth and she disclosed that she was old enough to be my mom. I was taken aback...I thought I had met a friend my age. Being the woman I am...always in touch with my needs and often potentially obnoxious in stating them...I asked if she was volunteering for the position. She said she would happily do so. The rest, as they say, is history! Today, I present her with this small token of my appreciation for her being my new Mom and loving me like she birthed me.

I am a firm believer in Romans 8:28 which says "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." I also met Mo through blogging. She came along at a time when I was fumbling around in the dark searching for a better way to live my life. I was battling the very same depression that had been a stronghold in my life since puberty. As always, I cried out to God asking Him to show me the way. He sent Mo into my life. In her introductory e-mail she explained that she had been a lurker to my blog and invited me to join her on her daily hike on the journey to living a grateful (GREATFULL) life. Well, who could refuse? It only took moments of looking around her blog for me to know how she found me. My Heavenly Father sent her to illuminate my way out of the darkness and into the joy of practicing gratitude daily. Mo challenging me to "Put my hiking boots on and come along" is something I count as one of the major moments in my life. The rest, as they say, is history! Today, I present her with this small token of my appreciation for her being my true Sister-in Christ and for coming to rescue me when Our Father sent her after me.

I met Alana when the midwife laid her in my arms and I was able to hold her for the very first time. It was love at first site; that was almost 24 years ago. Every day of her life she has blessed me in one way or the other. Even when she moved to another town and did what most young folks do when they leave home, I still carried the knowledge that she loved me and would return home deep in the recesses of my heart. She has grown from this adorable little citter who needed me to do everything for her into a grown woman in her own right. Being the first-born in not an easy task; I know this from experience. Alana is a champion first-born child. As a mother, I can say that there is a bond formed between the first-born and the mother that is different than with the other children. I do not love the others less; I simply acknowledge the bond that is formed by this child being the first of everything parenting in my life. Mothering came quite naturally to me and, while it is what I do best, Alana was gentle with me. She is the reason the word, "Momma" came to mean something to me. She was the reason that when I heard a cry uttered by my baby I was motivated to soothe it. Hers was the first boo-boo I kissed to make it all better, the first time I smacked a hiney in order to assist a child in hearing me when, obviously, the ears were not working correctly, the first time I realized what absolute love and sacrifice have in common, the first time I knew what it was like to have something utterly and totally dependent on me for survival,the first time I ever had to hold my own baby while the doctor gave her shots, the first time I ever rubbed sore gums to help little teeth come thru, the first time I got to hear my own child speak words and see my own child take her first steps, the first time a child of mine ever patted me on the back and wiped my tears to soothe me, the first time I ever had to leave my child in the care of some one other than me, the first time I got a love letter from one of my children, the list goes on and on and there are many more firsts we have left to experience together. I look forward to them. We are similar in many ways and share many interests. When she was in the fifth grade, she taught me how to use the computer. The rest, as they say, is history! Today, I present her with this small token of my appreciation for her being not only my daughter but my best friend, for humoring me even when she knows I have slipped off the edge, for continuing to pat me on the back and wipe away my tears and still respecting me like I birthed her.

To the three of you, I have this to say: I love you. Words and graphics can not fully express the gratitude I feel because Our Creator was so very generous in placing you in my life. If friends are the family we get to choose then I choose all three of you! I am proud to call you Mom, Sister, & Daughter.

With all my love and gratitude to Our Heavenly Father for sending you to be the wind beneath my wings,


Greatfullivin said...

Oh my gosh darlin, I am speechless! I don't think anyone has ever said any nicer thing about me. Saying Thank You for the lovely award hardly seems like enough. I am honored that God would use my humble words to impact you in such a meaningful way. I may have helped to direct your path but sweetie, you are the one hiking! It is one of may favorite joys, to stop by and witness your wonderful growing attitude! Thank you, deeply, sincerely. Love and Hugs, with a cherry on top!

Betty said...

I, too, am speechless, Phyl. What a wonderful tribute to me as well to your sister and daughter. I am proud to call you my daughter. I need you to be just that to me since I never was able to have my own. I did have a miscarriage about two years into my marriage. I wanted a girl and had already named her Tina Marie when I was only three months along. Isn't it amazing how one can get to know another's heart from conversing back and forth on a computer as well as talking over the phone. You and I have used both these avenues to become what we are to each other.

I will proud display this award on my blog and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your Mom (Betty)

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

wow... Phyllis, what a great posting and loving words for the three women in your life... I also love to visit Betty and we learn from each other..She sent me the instructions from you on how to get rid of block lines around my name in my has worked, but will it stay ??? Can I save the image of my name and add it in every post of mine now without problems?/ Thanks for being such a big help... I learn something new everyday..Bless you and Betty..
Hugs, Baba

Phyl said...

Baba...I am glad that you enjoyed the post. They are very special gals.

Yes...if you followed the instructions to change the border attributes in your template, you should never have the annoying blocks around it or any other image:). Saving the image may cause it to lose it's transparency. Do save it...if the background turns black send it to me and I will fix it permanently and send it back to you good as new.


Storm said...

How sweet. Just proves to me there was a reason our paths crossed.

Mike Golch said...

Phyl.I know the pain you feel about loseing your Mom.I lost Mine in Sept 2003,I miss her to this day,I take comfort that Mom and Dad are back to gether again.Dad departed this world in 1984@58 of a heart attack.Dad had a great nickname for Mom.He called her Sam.
I believe totally when it was her time to go he came and got her,saying Hey Sam I know a great place to go dancing come lets go.

Cute Girl aka Allie said...

honestly just wow... you say such amazing things when ur being nice ;) I'm all flabergasted and blushing! I put this up on my blog so umm i guess thanks!!! I love you momma

Nicole said...

So lovely. I know exactly what you mean about the first born, and I lived through all my "firsts" with my daughter as you listed off yours. I know that for me, being a mother has been the best thing about being a woman, heck, about being alive. Thanks for reminding me just how sweet it is! =)

Storm said...

Beautifully written... you can tell this was written from the heart. It brought tears to my eyes. Geez... give me a kleenex warning next time. :)