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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Virtual House Cleaning

In an attempt to hopefully make things more efficient here I have made some changes. I have moved all of my widgets to one location. I love widgets but they frustrate me when they cause my blog(or anyone else's for that matter) to load slowly. Since I am a repressed networker, I couldn't see tossing them out so to find them just click on the widget graphic in my sidebar.

I have also moved all of my awards to one location. I LOVE & appreciate bling, but prefer to link to other blogs in my sidebar. To find them just click on the Award graphic in my sidebar.

I am working on putting all of the graphics to my weekly memes in one location and making a post about my wanting to do graphics for folks, also. These will be linked from the sidebar, as well.

In response to how I am doing my Meme Monday someone said it was a PITA to scroll through all of the memes to get to the 'comment' section. Now, lemme tell you...I LOVE comments. I have now put a link to the comment section after each and every meme in my Monday list:).

Please let me know what your thoughts are concerning my new method of keeping a relatively organized virtual home. Your feedback will benefit me greatly.

So today, boys and girls, we have learned that Phyl is a neurotic, network-loving, bling-collecting, meme-addicted, comment-loving blogger! I am thrilled that you stopped by!



SaoirseDaily2 said...

Organization is always good. Something my desk at home could use. Hope you are havin a nice "tax" day.

Betty said...

My comment: You are so talented and organized at blogging that you blow me away at times and completely and totally loose me. I have so much to learn. I don't think I'll ever catch up with you.

storyteller said...

Excellently done! I’ve done something similar on my blogs … adding links in the About Me section of my sidebar to create a bit of ‘order’ and make it easier for new folks to find things since the Archives aren’t terribly ‘user friendly’ on either of my blogs. I’m learning new ways of doing things all the time ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

peggy said...

I like your Virtual House Cleaning...
Your blog is a work of art...I always love to come back and see what you're doing.

I did email you about my "winnings" did you get my email?
Peggy in NJ

Amanda said...

Your blog is so much easier to navigate Phyl now, so well done. Is it a new organisational tip to get Friday 18th April's blog out of the way early?

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hello..thanks so much for this cute widget but when I tried putting it on my side bar it is too big. I am not at home now or I would try to reduce it. I can do that at home. i am at work..early early in the morning. We start here at Curves at 6:30. I have days today, tomorrow and Friday!! UGH!!
Thanks for thinking of me. Sandy

Nicole said...

You're so funny! =) And man, to be organized on your blog? That ROCKS! I ALREADY thought your blog was way more organized than mine, so now I am doubly impressed!

I'm still trying to get the clutter in the real world organized...gosh I'm so ready to be organized, just not ready to put in the hours I guess. Not sure why. Somewhere I read that procrastination is a choice that you've made that you haven't yet admitted to your conscious self. Hmmm...can't imagine why I'd choose not to be organized!

Oh, and I would love to tag you with that personality might even be a meme...but more along the lines of a chain meme. I posted it and didn't have quite enough time to go visit everyone to tag them yet! I hope you'll play along!

Wanna join in?

Storm said...

I love that you are so organized... another thing we have in common.

Are you going to be having classes to help the rest of learn to make awards, etc? I want to sign up! :)

I'm still learning all the blogging stuff too.