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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Heads or Tails # 28

- List 7 things from any category of your choice.

My seven things are what makes me smile every time I think of them:

1. How it feels when you hold my face, kiss me, and tell me that I am your precious angel.
2. Matthew's Beach
3. The very first time each of my babies moved inside of me.
4. The pitter-patter of little feet.
5. The sound of anyone I love giggling:).
6. Any of my kids telling me they love person, on the phone, via text, email, or IM.
7. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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Skittles said...

First let me say I like the look of your blog.. it's so bright and cheerful!

There is love pouring from each of the items in your list. You are surely blessed. :)

Welcome to Heads Or Tails! I hope you have fun playing and meet some really nice people along the way. I just added you to the HoT blogroll. If you'd like to post it on your blog email me at

Phyl said...

Hi...great to hear from you! Please send me the blog roll info. Glad u like my blog...the set was a very early birthday present to myself.

I am gonna try to do Heads or Tails weekly:)...Checking Betty's blog keeps me


Betty said...

I enjoyed reading your Heads or Tails today. I can see where all these things would make you smile when you think about them.

I like your name tag you posted today.

Dianne said...

Skittles is right, what a pretty, cheerful blog layout. And your photo is lovely.

I like your list! Especially the pitter patter of little feet, and the giggling and the "I love you's"

My son is 34 and still says I love you all the time.

I'm making the rounds of HoT entries, that's how I found you.

Misty Dawn said...

I'm from Ohio! Just moved to Missouri in June, but I'll always be an Ohioan at heart ;-)

This was a great and happy post! Thanks for making me smile.

Marcia said...

I love your list. I can see why thinking of them makes you smile.

JaniceNW said...

What a happy joyful list! The Bible quote on your side bar is on a Christian "dog tag" hanging from my rear view mirror. :) I will be back Monday to wish you a happy merry birthday. We're bday twins!!!! How rad is that?

Raven said...

Your list made me smile too. I could feel the warmth and love in it. Thanks for stopping by at Raven's Nest earlier. This was my first Heads or Tails week too.

luvmy4sons said...

Once again I love your list!

Andrée said...

The Lost List of the Week. This is so sweet! My HoT is here. Thank you.

Cute Girl aka Allie said...

welll so you can smile some more I LOVE YOU!!!