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Monday, January 14, 2008

Warning~~~Invasion of Bed Hogs

So today I had the pleasure of spending quality time with my 23 year old daughter, who also happens to be one of my dearest friends. She had spent the night and when I got up this morning I noticed that for some reason she had chosen to sleep in the living room recliner.

Finally after a few loud noises and gentle urgings she went upstairs seeking the sanctuary of a quiet room with an entire bed in it.

As I battle frequent flare-ups from both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia I find it necessary to nap at least for a short period of time almost daily. I do fight it, but ultimately my body wins over my mind.

So, off I go seeking the sanctuary of a quiet room with an entire bed in it. Might I take this opportunity to mention that I went in search of my room? Well, imagine my delight and surprise to find this darling little critter all curled up, sleeping peacefully with the face of an angel in the middle of my bed. Having never been the type of mom to miss a chance to snuggle with my kids, I crawled into bed behind her.

That's when the trouble started. Somehow this itty bitter critter who although she is a full grown woman and is only a size 3, for crying out loud had managed to utilize the majority of my full size bed and totally monopolize the entire pillow. How could this be???

She stirred and I was hopeful that she would, in fact, scooch over...but alas...she only sweetily inquired as to what time it was and she did NOT budge one lousy centimeter.

What a conundrum. Should I wake her and insist she move at least over, if not all of the way out of my bed or shall I let her continue in her blissful ignorance. Having never been the type of mom to arouse sleeping children, I chose the latter.

Being the kind of sleeper who has perfect comfort down to an exact science this predicament did not promote the restoration I had sought. sigh Try as I did, I could not sleep. So...I surrendered and came back downstairs, not before considering slamming a few doors or dropping some heavy item in the general proximity of the bedroom.

Shortly thereafter, my daughter appeared downstairs looking for all intents and purposes very well rested. Thankfully she did not ask why I had gotten

I did, over a cup of coffee, mention to her that the strangest thing had happened earlier and that it begged for explanation. How, I wondered aloud, could a critter who, strangely enough, appeared to be no bigger than her manage to hog an entire bed-blankets and all? That's when the light bulb went off!

"Oh Mom," she offered in way of explanation, "It must have been one of them Bed Hogs! You know, they have magical powers. While hogging your bed they have the ability to appear smaller than they actually are. And, well, they do love covers!"

So, dear friends, it is with great concern that I must warn you. There has been an invasion of Bed Hogs and apparently it has started right here in my own home town. It is with a humble heart and hopeful spirit that I fulfill my civic duty by warning you of this pending epidemic. Beware of Bed Hogs! They could be coming to a bed near you!!! Blasted critters anyway. Lucky for the one at my least it was cute!

On a side note: The Bed Hog spotted in my home town has moved on and is currently happily hogging the bed of her beloved. WooHoo!


Lesley said...

lol that is too cute... reminds me of my daughter, she does the same lol

Cute Girl aka Allie said...

lol mom- ur a nut! I'm not that bad am I? I mean starting an invasion?? okay so maybe yeah but still. this is absolutely hilarious and adorable. How do you come up with this stuff??

Margaret said...

lol. The invasion has spred to California now!! My bed got invaded by not 1 but 2 bed hogs. While they were much younger than the one that hogged your bed, they struck here non the less. Causing the same kind of havoic here in my room as they did in yours.

rougue said...

Lol your an amazing woman! On occasion I have 3 little bed hogs of my own trying to share a full size bed with me if my hubby is working over night - and it come to the point that I had to buy "ready beds" for my two boys & force myself to not fall asleep with my daughter in the bed with me - because as much as I love to cuddle with my cuties, I have not nearly enough sleep these days to forsack anymore just to get kicked, punched, drooled on, freeze and occasionally, shoved right off the bed by the amazing powers of a 5 year old!