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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have been tagged~

Mo at Greatful Livin has tagged me for this meme so now without further ado I present 4 things about MEME.

4 Jobs I Have Had far the job with the best perks:)
Homeless Shelter Manager
Fast Food Manager(Hardee's in Williamsburg, VA)
Claims Manager

4 Movies Watched Over and Over

Pretty Woman
Face Off
Lion King
Fivel Goes West

4 Places I have Lived

Fairmont, WV
Oakland, MD
Williamsburg, VA
NE Ohio

4 Shows I Watch

Law & Order
Law &

4 Places I Have Been

Grand Canyon, AZ
Los Angeles, CA
Colonial Williamsburg
Washington, D.C.

4 People Who E-mail Me

Family (Alana, Barb, Joyce)
Friends (Marcia, Taryn, Stephanie, Teri)
EFriends (Bonnie, Lellie, MAC, )
SPAMMERS…not many...I use gmail

4 Favorite Things To Eat

Kentucky Fried Chicken, COLE SLAW, mashed taters and gravy, biscuits
My homemade chocolate fudge
Pizza-especially in Chicago or New Jersey
Green beans

4 Places I Would Rather Be

A villa in Tuscany
The beach
The Grand Canyon

4 Things I Look Forward To This year

Laughter...lots and lots of laughter
Better health
Weddings...son and brother, but not to each other:)
Visiting my son in Mississippi

4 People To Tag

Ginger Patches

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Greatfullivin said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! You did a great job! Speaking of KFC chicken. I love their new wings. Sweetie and I stpped for some today.......YUM! Where is your son in Mississippi...We have children in Tupelo.

livin with me said...

Oh, this is a fun meme! Thanks for tagging me. I do my memes on Mondays- so I'll post it next week.