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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Carolina Crossroads

I need to Other than managing the files of Quiltville Chat in order to help Bonnie manage the masses(1,173 members), I have done nothing toward the beginning, let the end, of the wonderful mystery that is currently in progress. Oh, wait! I did join the web ring...does that count?

I do, however, enjoy the wonderful group of women from around the world who have come together behind this "little adventure". The photos of work done so far are nothing short of gorgeous; there is a web ring that links blogs of those participating, and everyone is enjoying working at their own pace. Such fun~

So far, five steps have been posted and even as I post this, there are those who are attempting to be patient in their foot tapping in anticipation of Step 6!

I do, at least, know that I will be using blue scraps as my main color choice, red for "pop-n-sizzle", and white as my light. My local guild has a Sit-n-Sew Day on the 19th and I anticipate getting through most of Step One. Lucky for me, I do love Rail Fence Blocks:).

Happy quilting,


1 comment:

Becky said...

Hey Phyl;
I'm going to do this quilt too but I'm thinking WAY OUTSIDE the box with warms and cools with black.... we'll see if it's something I can live with. I just love how colors POP against some black.