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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

of profound things , processes, and passion...

Well! I am one of those churn & burn kinda people. You know...something gets "in there" and instead of just jumping on it, I have to let it simmer, ruminate, if you will. Kinda like the proverbial act of chewing the proverbial cud.

Now this personal process has served me well over the years, keeping me from saying or doing rash things I could live to regret.

Oftentimes, tho, the process occurs without my conscious consent, consideration, or even comment. Suddenly, or so it seems at the time, I have an "a-ha!" moment complete with total and absolute clarity. I like those, a lot~

I find that often the churn & burn can cause inner-turmoil that eventually gets my attention and it is in these moments of quiet reflection that solutions are produced. As one who tends to pray almost without ceasing, I know that my Father patiently waits on me to ask so He can give me what I seek. He is the personification of unconditional love & never ending patience.

Lately I have been feeling repressed/depressed/oppressed and in no particular order. A few days ago, my daughter, Alana, and I were discussing my state of mind and we came upon the topic of "passion" and I had an a-ha~ moment. That was it! I had lost my passion.

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