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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Will work for fabric:)...

Recently, there was a wonderful quilting project that needed a website. Since, I had the skills to do so, I volunteered to make one. Then there was this awesome Quilting Mystery that I thought would be more efficient if done up on a web page instead of seperate text files. Again, I volunteered my services.

I began to notice a pattern here(pun intended)...quilt, website and then quilt, website. Aha! I could make websites or pages for fellow quilters! And, best of all would be the currency...fabric!

Now that you know the beginnings of my humble venture, let's get to the business end of things. If you have a yahoo mail acccount you have free web space. They also have a good deal on their paid web hosting and domain name services. But, I am not plugging for them. They are just an obvious consideration for all yahoo group members who wish to have a free web presence.

Ideas for sites include but are not limited to:
Showing off or sharing your beautiful projects-finished or in process
Showing off or sharing pictures of those darling kids or granchildren
Getting the word out about something you feel strongly about
announcing a new project
Making relevant information readily available for people who are interested in your project

Here is what I will need to set your site up:Type the text up for me. You can do this in a text file or in the body of your email. I need to know the name of the site/page plus the who, what, when, why, where, and how of things. I also need any photos or graphics that you want me to use. Please send instructions and be as specific as possible. I will make the first version of your site with my interpretation of the instructions you send me. Then, I will email you the link to it for your approval. We will collaberate until you are satisfied.

Now onto the fun part. (Doesn't everyone love a job that has a fun part?)

Provided that you are able to do all of the things listed in the business part, my fee rate will be 1 yard per hour plus a link on the first page your site so that others can find me. Remember, I am doing this for fun not profit:). If there is a need for me to make up the text or graphics from scratch the rate would be 1.5 yards of fabric per hour plus a link to me. If this proposition sounds good to you, please contact me either by e-mail(, a post in the group we both belong to, or via Yahoo Instant Messenger(ladybug7495). Thanx for both your time and consideration, Phyl Williams aka scrappynhappy

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