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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Waxing nostalgic

This is the time of year that most moms are over-loaded with the conflicting emotions in regards to the start of school. I am no different.

The first time I took a child to school for the first time I was fact, I sunk into a deep depression that lasted for months. The second child was a little easier in some ways and the third a little easier than that.

My baby, however was a different story. I was not prepared for the overwhelming immediate sense of horror as the bus drove away. They had my BABY and I wanted him back! My hubby held me while I handled the business of grieving by sobbing and hollering that I wanted my baby back.

Funny thing is that we adjusted well and my baby is turning 17 this month and will return to school as a junior. To this day, he still fondly recalls the wonderful times he and I had in the afternoon cos the other kids went all day.

Many afternoons we "went to the movies" in our living room and inevitably, he chose to watch "Fievel Goes West" a delightful tale of a little russian mouse who has a large and vivid much so that when a crisis happens no one believes him.

My son and I watched this movie countless times all the while talking and snuggling. After the movie we either "went out to dinner" in our dining room or he "walked me home" to my bedroom with his little arm held out like a proud man for me to hold onto. At the door, he would thank me for the wonderful time and suggest we do it again soon. Someitmes, he would remind me that he was gonna marry me when he grew up!

I am so excited...I was able to get a copy of that movie and am giving it to him for his birthday. I will soon be "going to the movies" I am sure!

Yes, they do grow up but, the times shared never go away. These times spent with my son are all the more special to me because he treasures them also.

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